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We\'ve all used a permanent marker at some point in our lives and chances are that we\'ve gotten permanent marker on us. You may remember asking your friends in school how to remove permanent marker from your skin and those kids saying that it will never come off because it\'s permanent. Well, permanent marker may very well stay on certain materials for a good long time, but it won\'t stay forever on your skin. So, without further ado here is the definitive guide for how to remove permanent marker from various objects on which it commonly finds itself unwanted.

Most permanent markers create stains that are difficult to treat. If you clean the stain immediately after it was made, you may be able to remove the stain before it sets. Follow these simple steps to remove the permanent marker stain.

Quick tips- How to remove permanent marker

Cleaning marker off walls isn’t so hard with this tip:

Try rubbing toothpaste into marker then scrub off with damp cloth (just plain toothpaste–not the gel). I’ve tried this on wood paneling, painted walls and even a porcelain doll face.

Worked like a charm!

Steps- How to remove permanent marker

   1. Get a hold of any normal dry erase marker.
   2. Test the dry erase marker on an inconspicuous area of the surface you want cleaned to see if it wipes off cleanly (but only after 1 minute or so that the ink can dry).
   3. Draw over the entire dried sharpie mark with the dry erase marker. Give it 5+ seconds for the marker to dry completely, otherwise it will smear.
   4. Wipe both marks away with an old rag or paper towel.
   5. If the mark has been dried on for several days, repeat steps 3 and 4 more than once and perhaps with more pressure to wipe it off.

Steps to remove permanent marker from your dry erase board

       1.  Get the board you want the stuff off.
       2. Get a dry erase marker (yes, we will make marks to take marks) and a dry eraser.
       3. Draw over what you want to erase (make sure you draw slowly to fill it in better).
       4. Erase.
       5. Done!

Tips- How to remove permanent marker

There is a product called Spot Shot at Wal-Mart. It says it is for carpets, but we have used it everywhere. It takes out permanent marker. It has an orange lid. A wonderful product, we have went through several cans over the years. It is quick and easy. I would suggest everyone keep a can in their pantry. Even takes red koolaid out of white carpet...easily. We love it. Just used it this week to remove a green stain left by modeling clay that was baked on in the sun onto a white plastic table.

Rubbing alcohol should take permanent marker off. The Walmart in my area carries a cleaning product called Royal Crown it works great on things like that. Which ever you use let it set on the stain for a couple of minutes before you wipe it off.

So we have covered the topic How to remove permanent marker

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