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Ink stains are extremely common, and are often very stubborn. Ballpoint ink does not usually spread too much, but they are also occasionally nearly impossible to get rid of. Other inks may get eliminated quicker, but the chances of them spreading and affecting more of the fabric is greater.

- How to remove ink from clothing

First, keep the ink from setting in further. If you have not already done so, get up from the computer and soak the garment in cold water, ice water is best.

Many of us have had that frustrating experience of leaving an ink pen in a pocket, and having it leak... sometimes all over everything in the dryer!

The key to ink removal on fabric:

Remember that dry heat accelerates staining. Cold moistness decelerates and inhibits stains from setting into your fabric.

Biz Soap Removal - 
How to remove ink from clothing

Take a huge bowl of water and place it in a pan. You should then heat the water until boiling. Then, carefully add 1 cup of Biz laundry additive to the water while being careful not to burn yourself. (The water is very hot) You should then stir up the mixture until the Biz is completely dissolved. Once the Biz is dissolved, you should take the mixture off the hot oven. Then, take your ink stained clothes and put them into the pot for about an hour. Next, you should let the clothes completely cool. Once they are completely cool, you should take the items out of the pot and then wash them in the washing machine as usual. This method will completely remove the ink stains.

Information-  How to remove ink from clothing

To remove ink stains from leather and vinyl, put rubbing alcohol on a washcloth and blot the ink stain. The alcohol will need to sit on the ink stain for thirty minutes or so in order to dissolve the stain. After the alcohol has done its magic to remove the ink stain, blot the remaining ink stain with a clean wash cloth. If the stain is not removed on the first try-try, try again. To avoid any damage or drying out of the leather or vinyl, rinse the area with a solution of one quart of cool water mixed with a quarter cup of vinegar. Give a final rinse with plain water.

Note - How to remove ink from clothing

One thing you can do is to place the stained side on absorbent towels and wet the stained area. But be careful…you do not want to spread all over the fabric. Continue this till the towels stop getting stained. Let the fabric dry and then carefully sponge the permanent ink stain with a dry-cleaning solvent. Let it dry, and then rub the area with detergent and rinse thoroughly.

After that you could apply a very dilute solution of ammonia on the stain and let it soak. If the stain becomes lighter, rinse the fabric and repeat the process.

Tips -  How to remove ink from clothing

Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol is really what is in the products that people have mentioned that works.

Lots of rubbing alcohol, and you\'re all better. Blotting works well. Be careful because as soon as you apply alcohol, the ink will be come very mobile, and may soak out of the spot into other parts of your clothes, ala capillary effect.

Steps - How to remove ink from clothing

Change your backing sheet. The alcohol can easily carry the stain through the backing sheet/cloth to the fabric below.

Do quick blots. i.e. after you put the alcohol on blot repeatedly and quickly. I think this maximizes the efficiency of the capillary action which is lifting the stain. I had started with holding the blotting cloth on the stain for 30 seconds or so and the quick blot seemed more efficient.

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