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How to remove hair dye from skin Untitled Document

Information –  How to remove hair dye from skin

Hair dye may seem impossible to remove from the skin, but if you have hair dye on your skin or the skin of an unfortunate friend or relative, don\'t panic. The hair dye can be removed. There are many effective methods of removing dye from the face, hands, ears, cheeks, and other areas of the skin. The success of particular methods depends greatly on the dye itself and individual skin types.

The following information provides a number of methods for removing color from the skin. Some of these methods work for some, but not for others. Try the easiest methods first, and continue down the list until you find the removal method that works for you

Scary Solutions  - How to remove hair dye from skin

These following solutions were mentioned, however, I would strongly advise against using them, for safety reasons. Some people have found success in rubbing the stains with nail polish remover that contains acetone to remove them. Still another dyer advised applying hydrogen peroxide to existing stains. Another solution is to rub Comet on the skin that is stained. If you do decide to use one of these methods, you MUST thoroughly cleanse and rinse your face and neck and ears afterwards, making sure not to get these chemicals into your eyes, nose or mouth. Again, I would highly advise against these last three solutions. If all else fails, contact your normal hairstylist and ask for advice or schedule an appointment with him/her to see if he/she can get rid of the stains safely..

Method - How to remove hair dye from skin

# Toothpaste can also be used to remove hair dye stains, especially when it comes to lighter colors. While toothpaste does not seem to work in all types of skin, it is a great first option, as it is relatively soft and does not irritate or damages the skin. To try and remove hair dye stains, simply rub toothpaste, preferably the kind that contains scrubbing granules, on the area.

# As strange as it sounds, cigarette ashes can also be used to remove hair dye stains. Simply mix with a few droplets of water and then use a cotton ball to rub over the stained area. Wash your face with warm water afterwards.

Steps - How to remove hair dye from skin

Step 1:
 Use nail polish remover. Okay so it only states that is for use for removing nail color but believe it or not, it actually works for hair dye stains too. Use a cotton ball or a dry cloth to damp the nail polish remover with. Rub on your skin for a few times and the stain start to vanish.

Step 2:
Try rubbing alcohol. Use a cotton ball and put a few drops of the rubbing alcohol on skin to wash the dye away. If necessary try it a few more times to make sure the stain is completely gone.

Step 3:
Check toothpaste. Toothpaste is a home remedy for so many things including removing dye stains as well. Get an toothbrush you no longer use and damp the bristles with warm water. Put a small portion of toothpaste on stained skin and scrub the toothbrush against it (not too rough). If you see a darker color on the toothbrush, the stain is starting to come off.

Tips - How to remove hair dye from skin

 Even if you already use hair color products, be sure to perform a skin patch test to check for allergic reactions. Follow the instructions for the test provided with your hair color product. Only after you have preformed your skin patch test, are you ready to begin the process of dyeing your pubic hairs.

Use a small amount of petroleum jelly to cover the inner skin of your genitals. Be sure to coat all sensitve areas to help prevent potential skin irritation in case any of the hair color accidently spills. Don\'t apply petroleum jelly on the grey pubic hairs that you want to dye.

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