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At present, many women have some nail problems. Nails of some women are missing, some women have brittle, weak nails, the growth of somebody nails is very slow, nails of some woman are not good looking , some have short nails and some have some other nail problems. Fake nails are the best option for them. Fake nails are available in many different colors and in many shades. Women easily get these fake nails in any cosmetic shop or in the nail salons or spas and choose the pattern that they want to style on their nails..

It is very important to keep our nails healthy. Nail infections are very common and often overlooked. Artificial nails can be a source of bacterial and/or fungal infection. To avoid this, wash your hands regularly. It is best to trim your nails weekly, but be careful to not trim them too short which may traumatize the skin around the nails. If you do have artificial nails, be even more careful to wash your hands. If your fake nail starts separating from your natural nail, soak your nails in alcohol before reapplying your artificial nail. This will help ward off germs which can cause infection. If you do have your artificial nails put on at a salon, it might be worth the time to inquire about the sanitation standards of the salon.

If you wear false nails, then one of the biggest perils can come when it comes to actually taking off the nails, as this can damage the real nails if not done carefully.

Methods How to remove fake nails

The fake nails can also be hard to remove - good at most times, but annoying when you actually want them to come off! Here\'s what to do.

First off, soak in nail polish remover until they are loose and start to peel. Otherwise you will hurt nails - certainly never, ever use brute force.

The bottom line is that you must just soak and wait. There is no other way. Also ensure that between uses of fake nails you allow the real nails to breathe for at least a couple of weeks.

Steps  How to remove fake nails

# Go to the local dollar store or beauty supply store and pick out full well nail tips, aka. party nails.
# You can find them prepainted or you can paint them yourself.
# Purchase a bottle of nail glue.
# Find the right size nails by checking them against your own nails. They should cover the nails without hanging over the sides.
# If you bought unpolished tips, you can choose to decorate the tips prior to putting them on your nails or you can paint them after they are fastened to your nails.
# Apply a small bead of the nail glue to the tip very lightly toward the center then spread the bead lightly to the sides. This is important because when you press the tip down on the nail you don\'t want the glue to come out of the sides and get on your skin. Don\'t over glue.
# Take the tip and place it on your nail. Get it as close to your

Tips How to remove fake nails

If the nails are acrylic, soak them in acetone. The acrylic will soften, if you put a couple of marbles or something of the sort in the bowl with the acetone and knock them around with the nails, it will help them to pop off.

So we have covered the topic on How to remove fake nails

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