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Removing blood stains from clothing can be easier than you think. Just use your favorite shampoo.

Believe it or not, shampoo works well to remove blood stains from most machine and hand washables. Fresh stains can be removed in minutes, while older stains may require soaking, and therefore, take longer to remove. As with any stain removal process, it’s a good idea to test a section of the clothing before you begin trying to remove the stain.

In most cases, this will be all that needed to remove stain. Once the stain has faded or disappeared, you can toss it in with your regular laundry. You might even want to squirt a little laundry spot remover first. When the washing is finished, inspect your shirt. If the stain has disappeared, it\'s safe to put in the dryer. Otherwise, you\'ll want to remove the stain completely before drying, ironing or applying any type of heat to the stain which will just cause it to set in permanently.

Tips - How to remove blood stains from clothing

: Never use hot water on blood stains, because the heat will set the blood and make it impossible to remove. Do not put clothing with blood stains in the dryer until the blood stains have been completely removed, or the heat of the dryer will set the stain. In extreme cases, when the blood stains have set in, using bleach or a lemon and salt solution may help to loosen them. If the blood has clotted on the fabric, loosen the clot by soaking and then treat the stain.

Blood stains can be the most stubborn of stains. Find out how to deal with them in a few simple steps.

The things you need

        * 2 Quarts cold water
        * 1 Cup salt
        * mild bar soap
        * hydrogen peroxide
        * large mixing bowl
        * light-colored cloths

You will need around 2 quarts of cold water, 1 cup of salt, a mild bar soap, hydrogen peroxide, a large mixing bowl and light-colored cloths. Dark colors may bleed onto the fabric.

Detailed Process- How to remove blood stains from clothing 

To immediately remove blood from a garment when washing would not be practical (perhaps at a social event), remove the garment, wet the freshly stained area, put a damp cloth, towel or wad of paper towels under under the stain and brace the garment on top of a very firm flat surface. Now take another damp cloth, towel, or wad of paper towels and strike the blood stained area with great force repeatedly. This action causes the water in the towel striking to jet through the garment pushing the fresh blood along with it into the towel below. A little soap and a strong male can expedite the process.

So we have covered some tips on how to remove blood stains from clothing

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