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How to remove a tick from a dog Untitled Document

Ticks thrive in woody, grassy and brushy areas and carry diseases such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease. That\'s why it\'s essential to keep them off your pet. Here are a few steps to ensure your pet is tick free.

Method-  How to remove a tick from a dog

To properly remove a tick from your dog, you\'ll have to identify it first. You\'ll need to sit your dog down in front of you. Run your hands over his/her
ears and head. Feel through their fur for hard bumps near the skin. These hard bumps won\'t move. Then, proceed down the neck, across their back, and down their hindside. Also, check their chests, tummies, legs, and feet.

Rub the tick in a circular motion and pretend you\'re trying to make the tick dizzy. I generally stick with one direction, clockwise. It usually takes less than a minute, so if it\'s not working, make sure the body of the tick is moving around. Remember you can\'t get dizzy unless you\'re actually moving in a circle, quickly. I doubt the tick actually gets dizzy, but they sure don\'t like something about the movement and they crawl out on their own.

The new, accepted, way to dislodge that tick is to go at it with sterilized tweezers. Assuming you have tweezers handy, swab them with alcohol or at the very least sterilize them over a flame. You will also want to try to swab the bite area with alcohol, but don’t smother the tick. AFTER the tweezers cool down, go at the tick more from the side, than the top. Try to get the tweezers between the skin and the tick\'s jaws, and gently pull, maybe moving the tweezer a little with a side-to-side motion if it isn’t budging. The main ingredient here is patience.

Not ToDo-  How to remove a tick from a dog

Well - first off - forget about holding a match to the tick. The theory behind this procedure is that the nasty critter (the tick of course) would feel the heat and back out, loosing his bite and releasing his claws of his own free will (The male tick is the one that attaches and snacks on your life blood. The female is also a clingy little thing, but she doesn’t attach for the snacking purposes). This "hot seat" technique would be used instead of yanking him out and leaving the head in there to cause infection.

Whatever method that you chose you want to make sure that you if it is a sometime you get a big sort of infected area the tick was clean the spot and wash your hands very throughly after disposing of the tick.

Tips - How to remove a tick from a dog

Ticks are a species of parasitic spider {commonly found in long grass or heather in areas where you find deer, cattle, rabbits, and sheep}, and they attach themselves to anything - animals or humans - which happen to brush against them.

They then burrow into the skin and feed - as already stated - on blood, leaving only the body visible: the part you need to grab to remove them.

This looks like a small brownish skin-coloured nodule or wart, around twice the size of this letter:

The biggest danger while trying to remove them is if you exert too much pressure and "burst" them - which can force poison into the victims\' bloodstream causing septicaemia, or "blood poisoning

So we have covered the topic How to remove a tick from a dog

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