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Do you do your own nails and makeup? If you do, there is sure to be a time that you have spilled nail polish or other cosmetics on your furniture, clothing, or flooring. The only way to keep from having nail polish accidents is to do your nails in the backyard while you are naked! Other cosmetics like foundation, blush, mascara, and eye shadow also cause stains that may be difficult to remove. It is best to learn how to take care of those nail polish and cosmetic accidents before they occur so that you will be able to treat them as soon as they happen. Treating the stains as soon as possible will help your success rate in removing the stain completely.

The beauty of nail polish remover is that the name says it all. This product was made, specifically, to remove nail polish. Granted, the designers probably had removing nail polish from skin and nails more in mind than carpet, but it’s still the same basic principle. You want something that’s going to break up the nail polish, and fast, so you can get it off the carpet.

Now, of course, you don’t want to drown the entire carpet in the remover fluid – even though most of it will evaporate pretty quickly, some might manage to soak through to the carpet padding and stay there long enough to welcome a bit of mold into the place, making a possible aesthetic blemish into an undercurrent of odor that never seems to leave the room.

Steps  -  How to remove nail polish from carpet

1  Apply Ink Out (Pen, Ink, Marker and Graffiti Remover) sparingly to the center of the affected area. Allow 2 - 5 minutes dwell time.  PRECAUTION: Pre-test in an inconspicuous area.

2  Blot - Thoroughly using a clean white terry cloth towel or absorbent blotting material. Continue shifting to clean dry areas of towel applying downward pressure.

3   Get The Spot Dry - Dry the area immediately using a circular fan or hair dryer (no heat)  to prevent wicking. Repeat steps if necessary.

Methods -  How to remove nail polish from carpet

Scrape as much of the excess as you can without forcing it into the pile. Apply amyl acetate to the stain and cover with an absorbent pad dampened with amyl acetate. Keep moist and let stand for about 15 minutes, blotting occasionally. Scrape to help loosen the stain. Flush carefully with a dry-cleaning solvent or Afta Cleaning Fluid. Allow to thoroughly dry.

Any non-acetone finger nail polish remover will take that off and not hurt the carpet. Take a paper towel soak it down a little and wipe it off. Try to keep the area contained that you rub, at first it will look like you are smearing it around, just keep changing paper towels with a new one until stain is gone. You need to change your cloth several times so you\'re not sliding polish over a bigger area. When done a liquid dish soap will get the smell out of the carpet.

Tips  How to remove nail polish from carpet

Use a lot of water, keep the stain wet! Use about 15-20 squirts of hair spray and 3-5 splashes of rubbing alcohol. Scrub gently with a small scrub brush. Blot with paper towels. Repeat as necessary. Don\'t forget to keep pouring water during the process

mix Dawn dishsoap (or something similar that is a de-greaser) and scrub the area. The area will look just like new. It is great. Follow up with some room spray. I am not sure how well it would work on other items, so you may want to do a small test spot to make sure that it will not destroy it. So far, we have never had a problem with it.

Windex, nail polish remover, shaving cream, hairspray and lots of water. it might make you sick from the fumes but the key is persistence - continue to scrub and scrub and add stuff and most should come out.

So we have covered all the steps of How to remove nail polish from carpet

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