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Ink stains fall into a few different categories. Water based ink stains are easier to remove and include markers that are available in different colors. Permanent ink stains can present a much tougher challenge and include permanent highliters and markers.

Ink stains--a hazard for office workers everywhere! It\'s bad enough when you get ink all over your hands, but when it gets on your clothes it\'s a completely different set of frustrations. There is a solution, however, you don\'t have to resign yourself to wearing ink-spotted clothes. Here\'s how to get those stains out.

Different Types of Ink Stains

Writing ink come in many forms. The composition of inks that are used for fountain pens, ball-point pens, and gel pens vary from each other. Fountain pen inks are water based. The additives used today are mostly synthetic as compared to previously used vegetable based additives. Gel pens contain gel ink which is a synthetic color pigment in a water based gel. Ball point pens use a synthetic colorant with an alcohol solvent in a thick paste which is usually oil based. Common colors for inks are blue, black, red and green. Imagine what colors can be created by mixing these four colours - limitless.

Tips-: How to remove stains in a easiest way

Always treat the stain as soon as you can. Fold a light-colored cloth and place it underneath the stain to prevent the stain from spreading to more fabric. Be sure to also test the different solvents on a hidden area first to avoid discoloration

Try a light spray of hair spray to loosen the laundry stains. Soak in a solution of 1 quart warm water, 1/2 teaspoon dishwashing detergent, and 1 tablespoon white vinegar for 30 minutes; use care when using vinegar on cotton and linen. Rinse with water and allow to dry. If Stain persists, apply rubbing alcohol to the stain and cover with an absorbent pad moistened with alcohol (use alcohol sparingly on acrylic and modacrylic). Let stand as long as any stain is being removed. Change pad as it picks up the stain

Method-: How to remove stains

Removing ink stains from clothing is not an easy task. There are a few ways to remove the stains, and a few products that can help do it easily. You can use rubbing alcohol from the drug store to take out ink stains, as long as they have not set. The alcohol neutralizes the pigment in the ink so it disappears.

The first solution to try is rubbing alcohol. Place the clothing on top of a clean white towel. Be sure to test in a hidden spot before applying rubbing alcohol to the permanent ink stain. Blot rubbing alcohol onto the stain. The towel underneath will become wet and discolored from the ink. Be sure to move the garment to a clean dry section fo the towel as this happens. Continue until no more ink stain can be removed. Make sure you rinse the stained area completely free of the rubbing alcohol.

Try dabbing the stain with a cloth moistened with isopropyl or denatured alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol is simply rubbing alcohol that you probably already have in your bathroom cabinet. Denatured alcohol can be found at hardware stores. Again, watch for when no more ink transfers onto the absorbent cloth.

Quick tips -: How to remove stains

# Place an absorbent paper towel or rag under the stain.
# Saturate the stain with an alcohol-based hair spray.
# Blot the stain with a rag or paper towel.
# Repeat, if necessary, until stain is removed.

So we have covered the topic on How to remove stains

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