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The most effective way to remove old paint or varnish is by using a chemical remover. There is a huge variety of products on the market and you should research your project a little before you select a stripper. The chemical remover will soften the paint so you can scrape it off or wash it with water. Removers come in paste or liquid form. Liquid works on thin layers of paint and can usually be washed off. Paste is for trickier jobs where the paint is thick or if you have overhead work to do.

Liquid and paste remover require different type of  techniques, which are listed on the back of the product. It\'s fairly easy to remove paint using the manufacturer instructions but there are key points to remember. Work on small areas so thinner doesn\'t dry. Protect your skin, eyes and lungs while working with chemicals. And don\'t get carried away. The wood underneath is what you\'re looking to preserve so be careful not to scrape or nick the wood and avoid water damage.

DO NOT - How to remove paint

Burn off the paint with a blowtorch as this produces Lead fumes.

Sand the paint either by hand or with a power sander as this will spread the lead dust all over the property.

Vacuum the removed paint as lead particles will pass through the filter into the atmosphere.

If you find that you must remove the paint then use a chemical paint stripper.

Methods - How to remove paint

The method or methods selected should be suitable for the specific paint problem as well as the particular wooden element of the building. Methods for paint removal can be divided into three categories (frequently, however, a combination of the three methods is used).

Abrasive--"Abrading" the painted surface by manual and/or mechanical means such as scraping and sanding. Generally used for surface preparation and limited paint removal.

Thermal--Softening and raising the paint layers by applying heat followed by scraping and sanding. Generally used for total paint removal.

Chemical--Softening of the paint layers with chemical strippers followed by scraping and sanding. Generally used for total paint removal.

Liquids are primarily for clean coatings and removing one or two layers of paint. This formula dries too quickly to remove multiple layers of paint. Good for detail areas or irregular surfaces. Also good for the stubborn spots after a washable has been used.

 Brushables are a thick, paste-like formula that allows the paint remover to be applied in heavy layers so that it stays wet in order to strip multiple layers (up to 10 or more) in one application. Allows remover to cling to vertical or even overhead surfaces. Some paint removers are the "wash away" or "water wash" types. These terms simply indicate that the paint remover formula includes an emulsifier that permits the chemicals to mix with water and be rinsed away with a hose.

Tips - How to remove paint

Gently scrape up any excess spill. Wash the surface with a cloth dipped in warm sudsy water. Rinse thoroughly with clear water and wipe dry. Paint that is absorbed into fibers of some of these surfaces may be impossible to completely remove. On hard surfaces, such as glass or ceramic tile, gently scrape off the dried paint with a razor blade.

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