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Your body produces scents, called pheremones, that are designed to make you sexually attractive to others. Hair in the pubic area, as well as underarm hair, captures and spreads those erotic scents.

There are also other theories about the purpose of pubic hair. Some people think it\'s just there for looks — to increase sexual attractiveness — while others believe it helps protect against infection. Dr. Stephen Juan, author of The Odd Body, has another theory: "Pubic hair reduces friction during body movement and makes it less likely to get skin irritation."

It\'s perfectly normal for both girls and guys to have hair in their "butt-crack" — the area around the anus and between the cheeks of the buttocks. In fact, most people have hair in this area. When girls go through puberty pubic hair grows around their genitals — over the pubic bone and around the vulva and anus.

Whether a woman chooses to shave, trim, or remove pubic hair is ultimately a personal choice. In no way do women have to shave (or remove) their pubic hair. Shaving in such sensitive areas can lead to razor burn and ingrown hairs. Trimming pubic hair with a scissors or using an electric razor will reduce the risk of painful itching and bleeding that may result from shaving.

Steps - How to remove anus hair 

 Step 1:  Shave it. Shaving is really a popular way to remove unwanted hair, although hair tends to grow back quickly.

Step 2:  Use just a depilatory product, which temporarily removes hair by chemically dissolving it. When purchasing a depilatory product, be sure it is formulated for the area of the body on which you intend to use it. Do a sensitivity test before using it on large areas, and follow directions carefully.

Step 3: Consider waxing in every 4 to 6 weeks, in which you apply hot or cold wax to an area of the skin with unwanted hair. The hair adheres to the wax and is removed when the wax is peeled off. Because waxing removes hair at the root, regrowth occurs slowly.

Step 4:  Tweeze it. Tweezing removes hair at the root, but is not practical for large areas of hair.

Step 5:  Think about electrolysis. Using an electrical current, this process can remove some hair permanently by destroying the hair follicle.

Step 6:  Laser it. Laser treatment destroys hair follicles, but may not result in permanent hair removal.

Tips -  How to remove anus hair 

# If you can\'t see the hair initially, leave the warm, moist compress in place for a while longer.

# You can sterilize your tools by boiling or by cleaning with alcohol.

# Try loosening your clothing. Next to shaving, tight clothing is the most frequent cause of ingrown hairs, particularly on the legs. Try wearing looser pants, skirts or shorts, and see if the problem goes away.

# If you have persistent or widespread ingrown hairs, consider either chemical or laser hair removal.

# Try exfoliating regularly. Take a loofah to your skin every time you shower, and you\'ll not only get rid of flaky dead skin, but also loosen up and prevent ingrown hairs.

So we have covered How to remove anus hair

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