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How to remove acrylic nails Untitled Document

How to remove acrylic nails

Acrylic nails look great and can be a life saver for those with weak nails or nails that just won’t grow well on their own. But like all things, even wearing acrylic nails must come to an end eventually. Follow these easy steps to safely and painlessly remove your acrylic nails

 If you have grown tired of your artificial nails and want to remove them for a change, there’s a process to it. To ensure that there is no damage to your natural nails, one must undergo the correct method with patience and good care. You have an option of either getting it done professionally in a nail salon or try an at-home solution, which is not too difficult to do, but you must have sufficient time for it. Also, you must know that there are different types of acrylic nails viz. EMA, MMA, fiberglass etc. The process to remove all of these is the same except the time taken is different for each.

Steps-:  How to remove acrylic nails

Apply Vaseline on fingers and cuticles
Take a bowl of acetone to soak your hands in it for a while. It\'s better to use warm acetone than that at room temperature since it works faster on the nails. You can warm it by putting the acetone bowl in another bowl of hot water. DO NOT ever heat the acetone in a microwave or on the gas stove. Acetone is a highly inflammable chemical and can be quite hazardous.

 Cover the acetone bowl with a clean towel to avoid evaporation

 Keep the fingers in acetone for at least 15 minutes if it is warm and for about 30 minutes if it is at room temperature. Remember, the longer you keep it, the better since the acrylic will wear off easily and faster.

You can remove acrylic nails two different ways.

You can purchase a professional acrylic nail removal kit at your local drug store, or you can invest a dollar or two in a large bottle of nail polish remover. Make sure you buy a kind that has acetone in it, not one of the gentler nail polish removers on the market these days.

Wet the cotton ball with acetone, lay it on the nail and cover with the foil, as tight as possible. Repeat all 10 nails or one hand at a time. Do not peek or open the foil for at least 20 minutes, then one at a time, remove the foils and with a wood pusher - orange wood stick- scrape the acrylic off.. it should come right off.. you can repeat if some traces are left. If you peek, the acrylic will start to harden immediately, so it\'s best to be patient

Not ToDo  -  To remove acrylic nails

It may be tempting to snap off the tips when you\'re tired of your fake nails, but it\'s not a good idea. If your nails have grown out substantially underneath, you can end up hurting yourself if the acrylic nail and your natural nail both break off below the edge of the nail bed. Even if the acrylic comes off painlessly, you can damage the surface of your nail.

Resist the urge to file away at the hardened acrylic paste, too. This layer can be quite thick, and you\'ll find it difficult to file it down evenly. In addition to the aesthetic challenge of smoothing out your nail surface, you could easily file away too much. Overzealous filing can remove your natural nail along with the artificial layer.

So we have covered the information for How to remove acrylic nails

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