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How to get rid of whiteheads

What are whiteheads?

The whiteheads appear in the form of tiny, pearly white raised spots. They are common in the area just above the cheekbones, where the skin is fine. On oily skins, they may appear as part of a problem skin condition, along with blackheads, pimples and acne.

Whiteheads are caused by the accumulation of hardened sebum or oil, in the pores of the skin. Where the skin is fine and delicate, the clogged sebum is not exposed to the air. In other words. The pores are not open. Oxidation does not take place, as in the case of blackheads.

Cause of whiteheads

# Excessive exfoliation of skin cells contributes to the growth of milia. The dead skin cells quickly clog up the sebaceous follicles.
# Some skin specialists believe some individuals produce sebum that is drier than normal. This creates an environment conducive to the formation of firm plugs. Such individuals would be more prone and have frequent and multiple blackheads and whiteheads. Sebum contributes to skin oils and people with dry sebum may have dry skin and this may be especially true of people with chronic whiteheads.

Side Effects of Retin A - How to get rid of whiteheads

There are side effects to vitamin-A related treatment that cause problems for some users. The treated area can feel sensitive to the touch, and skin flaking is also common. You can minimize any side effects with the use of a good moisturizer twice a day. Deal with flaking – and it may be substantial – by carrying high-quality glycerin soap with you and gently exfoliating the dead skin as needed. Whenever you wash your face, finish off with a moisturizer.

Sulfur and Resorcino - How to get rid of whiteheads

Sulfur and Resorcinol are two powerful healing agents. They contribute to the process of breaking the whiteheads. Salicylic acid based medications can help decrease the shedding of the dead skin cells. They can be of great help, considering the fact that the dead skin cells are largely responsible for the occurrence of whiteheads in the first place. Whiteheads are basically the result of congregation of these cells with sebum and skin oil.

Steam towel method - How to get rid of whiteheads

By using a steam towel method, you place a steam towel in your face for about ten minutes. Then, you can either use a pimple extractor that you can get at drugstores or department stores or two cotton swabs. You have to squeeze the whitehead until you see that the yellowish oil comes out. When I extract my whiteheads, If usually find that they are small hard balls that pop out easily without any bleeding, but if you can\'t get them to come out and start to bleed, stop and open your pores again using steam towel and try again. Then, you have to sanitize your face and you can do this easily by using alcohol toner on your face.

Home Remedies - How to get rid of whiteheads

# Wash the skin 3 times a day with medicated soap, if the skin is greasy.

# Have a balanced diet. Do not take fried foods, chocolates, pastries, spices and aerated drinks.

# Unclogs skin pores by steaming and applying face pack.

# Remove stale make-up before going to bed at night.

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