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How to get rid of wasps

Wasps have smooth bodies, as opposed to bees that have hairy bodies. They are about 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch long in a variety of colors and shapes. They live off other insects, primarily spiders. They are considered social insects, with one egg producing queen. They build their nest from wood fibers, producing a paper like shelter. The Paper Wasp commonly builds its nest under the eaves of houses or under porch roofs.

Control - How to get rid of wasps

# To the right you will see a picture of a bald-faced hornet. Hornets are one of the most fearsome looking wasps, but they aren’t looking for trouble. Hornets usually live in large, aerial nests, and do a lot of their feeding between dusk and dawn. They are territorial but less aggressive than the yellow jacket. The bald-faced hornet is the most common hornet wasp in the U.S. To get rid of hornets, you should also use a can of pressurized wasp killer to spray the nest from a distance during the evening. Bring a flashlight to if you’re not certain where the entrance to the nest is.

# This is a perfect example of the solitary wasp. The solitary wasp usually has a very long, thin body and waist, not particularly colorful and they are usually quite docile. They are not very territorial and will rarely sting humans. They are not considered pests, but are considered beneficial insects in the economic and gardening sense, seeing as how they tend to prey on garden pests like aphids and beetles. To get rid of wasps of the solitary variety, simply have a spray bottle filled with citrus oil extract on hand for any pesky individuals. Citrus oil extract kills wasps on contact.

Tips - How to get rid of wasps

# Either wash those old clothes in a separate load or discard them to minimize your exposure to the poison from the spray.
# A more natural way could be to build a small fire or put your grill below the nest and let the smoke rise up. The smoke will choke them and they will evacuate the nest thus allowing you to remove it safely.
# Spray adhesive works remarkably well and is about the same price.

Nests - How to get rid of wasps

Get rid of the nests and you\'ll get rid of the wasps, but don\'t attempt to get rid of a nest during daylight hours. Wasps are most active during daylight hours when the weather is warm. Get rid of wasp nests after dark when the temperature has dropped. Commercial wasp spray is effective in destroying nests, and the cans are designed to spray many feet. This is helpful in reaching wasp nests in roof peaks and other areas out of reach. Wasp spray also helps make eradication safer since it\'s possible to stand a safe distance back from angry wasps.

Prevent - How to get rid of wasps

# Avoid wearing perfumes and other sweet smelling substances.
# Somebody help me avoid wearing bright clothing as it can be attract this aggressive insect.
# Avoid flowering shrubs, and beds of flowers.
# Outdoor activities like barbecues can attract wasps. They love the smell of sweet foods. Any nearby garbage might also attract them.

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