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How to get rid of razor burn

What is a Razor burn?

When you feel an irritating sensation after shaving with a razor, it is called a Razor burn. Razor burns is caused either unknowingly affecting sensitive areas on the skin or failure of the razor user to use adequate techniques of shaving. Ordinarily razor burns appear as mild rash and disappear after a short period ranging from a few hours to a few days.

Ttreatments - How to get rid of razor burn

# If you continue shaving, combine these steps with the preventative steps in the next section.
# Shave carefully until it heals, switch to a razor with a single-blade or wire guard for a while. The shave won’t be close, but you won’t be slicing your skin up before it can heal either.
# Use aloe vera or tea tree oil creams and sprays. They will speed up your recovery and soothe that raw feeling that accompanies razor burn.
# Use a mild exfoliant that contains salicylic acid daily. This will slough off old, dead surface skin that otherwise could clog up your pores and limit oxygen to the effected areas. Do not scrub razor-burned skin.

Heal - How to get rid of razor burn

To treat a Razor burn effectively you may use several items like witch hazel or mild salicyclic acid solutions. Even use of cold water may get you some relief. But the best practice is to apply a gel or a cream having aloe vera content. It will really smoothen and soften your skin and the burning affects will soon disappear. Especially, use of such lotion or gel on dry patches on the skin will be very effective. There are certain aftershaves those are specially designed to prevent or heal Razor burns.

Shaving - How to get rid of razor burn

# Before shaving, be sure to clean the area to be shaved with a good soap--antibacterial soaps are the best for this task. This will ensure that you have gotten rid of all the oils, dirt, and bacteria on your skin. The oils on your hair will block water from being absorbed, so use a washcloth when you shower or clean your face to help exfoliate the skin and lift the hair.

# After cleaning, if you are shaving a particularly rough beard, you may want to use a hair conditioner. This will help soften even the tougher hair common in beards. Leave the conditioner on the area to be shaved for a few minutes, or slightly longer if you think it necessary. Then, rinse it away with warm or hot water.

Prevention - How to get rid of razor burn

# Using a moisturizing shaving gel will help prevent razor burn. It should be obvious by now that if you are going to prevent razor burn you need something between the razor and your skin. Moisturizing shaving gels do just that by creating a barrier of film between your razor and you. Don\'t shave without it. Some people use soap to shave; some people drink and drive for fun; neither of these make much sense if you don\'t like the consequences.

# To avoid further incidents of razor burn, clean your razor with alcohol. Believe it or not, there are a ton of bacteria living on that razor of yours--the same kind of bacteria that would love to procreate in a fresh cut or a newly opened pore. If your razor doesnt have one of those little moisturizing strips, try dipping it in rubbing alcohol to make sure you have a bacteria-free shave the next time.

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