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How to get rid of pigeons

There is no denying that pigeons have played an important part in the lives of human. Pigeons were used during wars to send messages. They are used in laboratories to aid in the study of health and medicine. The problem for city dwellers is that, if they have a pigeon problem, it usually is not a small one. Pigeons live in flocks and they are not very afraid of people. They will nest on most any structure, leaving unsanitary droppings behind. Reports tell us that these city dwelling pigeons carry more pests and disease than rats.

People look to get rid of pigeons not only because they can create unsightly messes, but people also look to get rid of pigeons because they can cause significant property damage.

Ultrasonic Repellents - How to get rid of pigeons

Ultrasonic repellents are commercially available for every possible pest you can imagine, and for every pest we’ve researched they have been found to be complete failures at repelling any of them. Pigeons are no exception. Don’t waste your money on one of these.

Scarecrows - How to get rid of pigeons

Scarecrows have been used for ages to keep birds away from crops. Scarecrow types that deter pigeons include owls, snakes, cats, and people. The key to using one of these successfully is to make it appear as lifelike as possible. Move it from one location to another every few days. A scarecrow that moves either randomly or responsively is usually more effective then one that does not. Windsocks that are made to look like animals can work well so long as there is enough wind to keep them ‘alive’.

Bird netting or stainless steel wire mesh fencing can be used to get rid of pigeons by excluding them from their typical roosting sites. I\'ll be honest with you, this isn\'t the cheapest way to get rid of pigeons, but it is one of the most effective deterrents available. If pigeons cannot roost nearby your property, they are likely to move on, and establish a larger community elsewhere. Wire mesh, screening, or bird netting may be hung under eves, in lofts, and anywhere else pigeons have been known to roost.

Chemical way - How to get rid of pigeons

Hot Foot Gel is a tactile repellant which can be applied to surfaces in order to repel pigeons. Apparently pigeons don\'t like stepping in this substance.

Other tips - How to get rid of pigeons

# Place mothballs around your balcony and in your eaves. Pigeons hate the smell and will not linger.

# Place "scare devices" out to scare pigeons. These can include plastic owls or snakes.

# Block eaves, ledges and other places pigeons nest by placing wire over these areas. Pigeons are looking for a place to roost and nest. If they cannot gain access to these areas they will not hang around too long.

Another method is the use of specially designed perches, which use a "wick" to apply a contact-type poison to the bird\'s feet. There are also chemicals that actually sterilize the birds leading to reduced populations. These methods are generally available only through a qualified and/or licensed exterminator. Though these methods may seem cruel, it is a fact that birds can carry various diseases that are spread through their droppings.

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