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How to get rid of gophers

The Rodenator Pro blasts targeted pests and destroys their tunnels, eliminating the need for traditional pest control. Rodent contol methods such as poisons or labor-intensive trapping are a thing of the past. Fortunately, farmers, ranchers, nurseries, golf courses, water districts, even schools and park districts now have a sophisticated new weapon in their arsenal beyond poison, traps, and other traditional means. The weapon, the Rodenator Pro Pest Elimination System, is capable of delivering a precision underground shockwave to the targeted animals\' tunnels and dens.

Gophers are active at all times of the day and night. They are fierce defenders of their own burrow. Because they do not hibernate, they must accumulate stores of food for the winter months. During this time, they are much less active above ground, feeding on their stores as well as roots and tubers underground.

Rodenticides - How to rid of gophers

The most common rodenticide on the market is strychnine-laced barley. It is sold at hardware stores or garden supply stores, but permits are sometimes required if you intend to purchase a lot of it. The application procedure involves jamming a sharp, hollow pipe (like a syringe) into the gopher’s tunnel, and dropping a few seeds through the pipe. Then covering the small hole you’ve made. Then, you wait. You may not know if you’ve killed the gopher for several days because unless they make new mounds, how do you know they’re alive? This is the problem with using poison to get rid of pocket gophers.

Other method - How to rid of gophers

# If you do use poison pellets or gas in your gopher tunnels and you locate the dead carcass, you should seal it in a plastic bag and dispose of it. Animals (such as cats and dogs) who gnaw or eat a poisoned gopher could become ill and die.

# Sonic Thumper - This is a battery operated device you stick into the ground that emits a sonic pulse/thumping noise that is supposed to irritate the animals and drive them out of your yard. They cost between $25 and $45, and are supposed to work like a charm. I tried this first as it is the most humane method. It didn\'t work. I don\'t know if this is a problem with our soil or something else, but I gave it about 10 days and the mole hills kept coming up in the yard.

# You will want to clean your traps before using them, and handle those clean traps with latex rubber gloves or any other glove that will not accumulate oils from our sweat. Rodents, especially gophers and groundhogs, have very keen senses of smell and a quite wary of objects and areas where the smell of humans and/or other animals is strong. Latex rubber gloves are good for this purpose because they can simply be thrown away when you’re done with them

How to get rid of gophers the all natural way

Faking the sound of predatory birds can work well, but the real thing is even better. Barn owls are one of the gophers’ main predators, so if this bird is native to your area, put up a barn owl box on your property to attract a natural gopher prevention system. The only drawback is that barn owls look for new homes only in the spring, so you may not be able to attract one immediately.

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