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How to get rid of earwigs

Earwigs can multipy by the thousands if left alone. They can infest hollowed doors and cabinets and are basically just a pest. They can come in through screen doors and windows and can become an inside pest as well. Ear wigs, also called pincher bugs, are one of the most common infestations we find.


They are active at night and are attracted to light. They hide during the day in moist, shady places beneath stones, sidewalks, and debris. These insects feed on mosses, lichens, algae, fungi, insects, spiders, and mites. They also feed on fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants, and field plants. Often, Earwigs migrate indoors during hot, dry weather.  We can provide you the information necessary on how to get rid of earwigs.

Control - How to get rid of earwigs

- To get rid of earwigs that have made it into your home despite proper sealing and landscaping techniques, spreading a residual insecticide like boric acid near baseboards, cracks, and hard to reach places is recommended. Boric acid is a natural insecticide, and works only if the earwig is forced to travel through the powder.

- To get rid of earwigs, you’ll want to make sure that screens on your windows are properly fixed and fitted to the window frame. If you find that earwigs are getting in through cracks between the window and the window frame, the problem is easily solved with weather stripping.

Tips - How to get rid of earwigs

- Try putting boric acid will help. Also Raid indoor and outdoor garden treatment spray (walmart for $4.00 per can) might help if you spray the cracks and heaters in the home, and around the windows both inside and outside.

-Take a small water bottle, cut the top one-third off or so, fill the bottle with tuna or tuna cat food, invert the top part that you cut off with the spout facing down and reattach it to the bottle. The earwigs can crawl in, and are attracted by the smell of food

- Spray a newspaper lightly with water, roll it up loosely and secure with a string or rubber band. Place on the ground near earwig activity. The next morning pick up and discard the paper in a sealed container.

- Get an empty squirt bottle and mix fantastic and water and you have an effective earwig killing solution.

- Encourage hungry birds into your garden by setting out a bird bath or feeders. Birds hunt and consume amazing amounts of insects.

- Fill low-sided cans with 1/2 inch vegetable oil and place on the ground. Earwigs will find their way in and drown.

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