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How to get rid of cats

Cats are remarkable breeders, and stray cats on your property seem to do nothing but multiply. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to get rid of cats hanging around your yard. But how is it done?Cats can become kings of your property. Besides hunting rodents and birds, cats will attack your trash cans and perhaps your house pets. But because cats are such excellent and prolific hunters, they can live very independently. You will not be able to take away their food source, so this is not a viable way to get rid of cats. Without any aid from you, and in fact in spite of you, cats will find water to drink and prey to eat.

2 ways - How to get rid of cats

# f you can make the cats want to leave your property of their own accord. There are electronic devices you can purchase and place in your garden or other areas of feline activity that will release a high-pitched noise when cats near the area. Cats will be frightened away by that noise and leave the area.

# To get rid of cats is to use a powder that contains a scent (usually that of a predator\'s urine) and spread it around the area where you\'re having cat problems. This powder is safe for your plants and grass, and will not harm the cats or other animals in any way - only repel them from the area.

Tips - How to get rid of cats

# Get a dog large enough to discourage any cats from venturing near your property. If you go this route, make sure you get the pooch immunized just in case he gets into a fight.

# Contact your local animal control center and have them catch and remove the feline from your property.

# Don’t feed them. Look around your neighborhood and make sure none of your neighbors are feeding them. Remove any obvious sources of food and secure all outside waste containers.

# Purchase a trap and capture the cat yourself. You can then drop it off at a shelter or release it far (at least 10 miles) away from your home. Be very careful when dealing with a trapped feral cat as they can be VERY nasty! Please also note that releasing the cat elsewhere will not solve the problem - only move it.

# Seal up any spaces that a feral cat may see as an attractive ‘nesting’ area. Some of their favorite places to make homes are underneath decks, sheds, foundations, and barns.

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