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How to get rid of bruises

We all get bruises all the time, let’s face it we’re busy people and we don’t always pay attention to where we’re going. So that means we get these blue and purple patches under our skin and it’s quite painful. Children as especially prone to this kind of bruises because of their more active lifestyle. But I’ve also noticed that women who are in their period also get bruised more easily.

Methods - How to get rid of bruises

1. Apply a cold compress on the bruise, immediately after the bruise took place. This will help quicken the healing process and this way you can get rid of bruises a lot faster.
2. Its a good idea to also apply a concealer that is a shade lighter than your own skin, and use a light layer just over the bruised region. This will cover the affected region and no one will ever know that you\'ve got a nasty bruise.
3. To prevent bruises you can wear protective clothing over those regions where you tend to repeatedly bruise yourself. If you have a particular region where you get bruises a lot, you can even ask you doctor or even a pharmacist or even ask on forums about special protective things for that particular area.

Suggestions - How to get rid of bruises

# When the bruise appears, apply fennel, helichrysum or hyssop essential oils to the skin.
# Eat foods rich in vitamin C.
# Arnica gel, a homeopathic remedy, is said to be one of the best ways to get rid of a bruise
# Bromelain (a digestive enzyme found in pineapples) breaks down proteins that trap fluids in the tissues after an injury.
# When the bruise has turned yellow, rosemary oil is said to help by increasing circulation.

Treatments - How to get rid of bruises

# Applying a cold compress or ice pack will reduce swelling.
# Elevating the bruise above heart level will reduce swelling as well.
# Applying a compression bandage (such as an ACE bandage) will restrict blood flow and keep the swelling down, but may hinder proper healing.
# Use Arnica cream on the bruise to hasten healing. Arnica is a herb that will help the body flush out the trapped blood.
# Apply melted chocolate directly to the bruise and wrap it in gauze overnight. Clean it off the next morning.
# Apply vitamin E and/or K cream directly to your bruise.

Home remedies - How to get rid of bruises

# You can take an infusion for the bruised wounds. Old bruises have to be taken care with tincture for at least two months.
# Peel a banana and apply the inside of the peel to the bruise. It will lessen the pain, reduce the discoloration and speed healing. Bind the peel in place with a bandage.
# Mix 2 tablespoons of cornstarch with 1 tablespoon of castor oil. Dampen a clean white cloth and make a cornstarch/castor oil poultice. Apply the poultice to the bruise and leave it on until the damp cloth gets dry.

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