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How to get rid of bad breath

Most people who suffer from bad breath know it. They will do anything to get rid of bad breath for good. It is not too difficult to learn how to get rid of bad breath if it is not from a medical condition. All you need to do is watch what you eat and be sure that you utilize a healthy and regular oral hygiene routine.

Some of the causes that can replace normal breath are:

Abscessed tooth-
Infection of the tissue surrounding a tooth that usually fills with pus which has a very smelly odor.

Alcoholism - Immoderate use of alcohol causes decreased production of saliva causing dryness of the mouth. Dry mouth is a leading cause of bad breath.

Atrophic rhinitis - This is an inflammation of the nasal mucous membrane usually a result of nasal drip due to colds or sinusitis.

Cancers -
Cancers such as esophageal, pharyngeal, oral tumors, leukemia, pulmonary and stomach cancer all present severe bad breath due to the decay that is taking place. Additionally, the medical treatments for these cancers can exacerbate the bad breath.

Oral Candida -
This is a fungal infection of the mouth cavity. Also known as thrush, it is fairly common among infants, diabetics, chemotherapy patients and people with HIV or AIDS.

Tips - How to get rid of bad breath

1) Brush/Use chewing stick frequently

2) Since bad breath is caused by sulfur deposit on the tongue mostly, perhaps there is a herb/chemical that can b designed to get rid of the sulfur?  I do not know.

3) If the person can afford, buy mouth wash, preferably Listerine if available.  If the person knows someone abroad, have them bring a bottle.

4) Avoid foods with garlic.  Garlic settles in the lungs and hence will be perceived with every breath u take.  In other words, no cure until levels subsides.

5) Then squeeze the tube and get a good amount of toothpaste on de brush and scrub the tongue well, do this morning, afternoon, and lets not forget nights Hope this works!!

Since bacteria are the main cause of bad breath you need to use methods to reduce their numbers:-

1. Visit your dentist to make sure that tooth decay or periodontal disease are not present.  These conditions will increase the bacteria count in your mouth thus increasing your risk towards bad breath
Keep your mouth as clean as possible to remove the offensive order created by the bacteria

2. Consider the cleaning process as a "full-mouth disinfections" by focusing on all areas where bacteria may reside.  This disinfection involves:

#  Brushing-twice a day or more for at least two minutes
#  Flossing-once a day
#  Mouth rinse- alcohol free

3. Tongue scraping- Using a special tongue scraper, scrape your tongue with the scraper.  You can do this by making sure you reach the back part of your tongue, as far back as you can reach, and than with a light pressing action pull the scraper forward over your tongue.  Repeat this procedure until you have scraped the full surface of your tongue until all debris is removed.  Do this twice a day and follow it with a mouthwash, rinse or gel.

Prevent bad breath by changing your diet. Your saliva is naturally acidic, helping to prevent bad breath and protect your teeth, but the bacteria in your mouth can adapt. The acids and fiber found in fruits and vegetables will help uproot and kill much of the bacteria. So go have a fruit salad for lunch instead of those ramen noodles!     

Stimulants are a major cause of bad breath. Things like coffee and amphetamines tend to dry out your mouth, allowing plaque and bacteria to thrive. Stay away from alertness medications, some cold medications, and energy drinks.

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