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How to get rid of a black eye

A black eye is the result of a contusion, which is a fancy name for a bruise. Bruises occur whenever your body takes a sharp blow that breaks capillaries and causes blood to leak into surrounding tissues, collecting at the point of damage. Eventually, when blood leaks into the top layer of skin, it shows as purple. For some reason, when you get that purple bruising around an eye, people call it a black eye.

The first step in dealing with a black eye is to minimize the swelling. Black eyes occur when some outside force causes contusions in the tiny blood vessels surrounding the eye. By keeping the swelling at a minimum, the vessels can begin to heal more quickly. A time honored means of dealing with swelling is to apply something cold to the black eye for a period of ten minutes, wait fifteen minutes, and apply a second round of cold compresses. Repeating this process several times over the first few hours after the incident that caused the black eye will make a huge difference in the severity of the damage.

Remedies  - How to get rid of a black eye

First thing- do not use aspirin for pain treatment, because aspirin is anticoagulant and this is why it is harder to stop hemorrhaging which causes discoloration.

To reduce the swelling, use ice packs. Also castor oil is good for that- gently rub it on your black eye. And another useful advice: put raw beef stakes on your black eye. This should also help.

Warm compresses, head elevation during the night, and massaging the tissue in gentle circles should get rid of a black eye, but if it doesn’t you should go see a doctor. Any bruise, whether it’s on your eye or on your arm, should start to see improvement within 2 weeks if not sooner. A black eye that lasts longer than 2 weeks should be looked at by a doctor to determine whether or not more severe damage was done, or if perhaps you are suffering from a disease that makes bruising a more serious complication.

Ice: For the first one or two days place ice on your eye for at least ten to twenty minutes each hour. Ice should be put into a clean cloth, towel or in a plastic bag with a towel and placed directly over the black eye. People often use steaks, this actually works because they are cold enough to reduce swelling.

Medication - How to get rid of a black eye

Generally no particular medical treatment is required however non-prescription medication can be helpful in relieving pain. Pain relievers such as aspirin, ibuprofen and acetaminophen not only get rid of the discomfort but they also aid in reducing inflammation.

Other tips - How to get rid of a black eye

Use a piece of raw meat,steak or pork chop and place it directly on the area for about 2 hours,it should take the discoloration out of your skin,then you can use a light colored foundation that is just slightly darker than your skin tone to blend in.

Get hot water add salt take a rag dip it in then press it on the area(the knot), really hard that caused the black eye worked for me Exclamation keep it constant you should have done the momment you got injured.

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