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Home Remedies for Swelling of Feet During Pregnancy - Natural and Herbal Treatments Untitled Document

Swelling of the feet generally starts becoming apparent during the fifth month of the pregnancy, though this time limit can vary from one woman to another. It occurs due to the accumulation of fluids in the feet of the woman. Swelling of the feet can be painful to some women, due to which they may not be able to move about nor does their normal work as the months pass on. In some women, the swelling of the feet is very temporary; it subsides when the woman takes rest for a while, or massages the feet.

Home Remedies for Swelling of Feet During Pregnancy

Drinking a lot of water could increase the frequency of urination in pregnant women, but that is actually a good sign, as urination is a way to expel the wastes from the body. is one of the effective home remedies for Swelling of Feet During Pregnancy.

Avoid remaining in a standing position for long periods of time. This gives direct access for the fluids to enter into the lower parts of the body and cause the feet to swell up.

Boil a few tablespoons of coriander seed in two cups of water. Reduce to a cup and drink twice a day for three days. This is very useful home remedies for feet swelling During Pregnancy.

Coffee and alcoholic drinks should be avoided as they dehydrate the body from necessary fluids.

Keep your diet well-balanced: This is extremely important for a pregnant woman. If the diet is deficient in any kind of food, or if the woman takes the wrong kind of food, then there is more chance of undigested toxic wastes accumulating in the body, and causing the feet to swell.

Continuous walking and be in upright position for prolonged period cause swelling of feet during pregnancy.

Prepare a drink by adding the fresh juice of a lemon in a cup of warm water and drink to help decrease fluid retention. One of the popular home remedies for Swelling of Feet During Pregnancy.

While sitting, do not press your legs by crossing them. Sustenance them free and separated so that there is no undue pressure level on them.

Reduce salt in the diet. This also helps to prevent swelling of the feet Even though you are retaining water, continue to drink plenty of liquids.

Regularly do yoga as it improves blood circulations and reduces swelling of feet during pregnancy. Pranayama is good for body and mind.

Enlarging uterus during pregnancy applies high amount of force to the legs andits nerves, and as a result there is improper blood flow which leads to swelling of feet during pregnancy. This is one of  the good home remedies for Swelling of Feet During Pregnancy.

Boil two cups of water with a teaspoon palm sugar and two teaspoons fennel seed. Reduce to a cup and drink thrice daily.

Ginger essential oil has the ability to clear any type of excess moisture or fluid in the body and is excellent for reducing swelling. It also alleviates pain and soothes aches and cramps. Ginger improves circulation and reduces fatigue. This is one of the important home remedies for Swelling of Feet During Pregnancy.

While sleeping, try to change your position frequently. Lying in a single position for a long time will increase the pressure on one side of the body and increase the chances of the feet getting swollen up. You can put some elevated support for the feet, such as propping them up on cushions or pillows, so that the fluid does not accumulate into the feet region.

Do not wear tight trousers or jeans when you are pregnant, as this would increase the pressure on the legs. Instead, you could wear somewhat loose stockings or pantyhose to give good support to the feet.

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