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A burn is a condition when the skin is damaged by heat or fire. Burns have different severities; it is characterized as first, second and third degree burn depending on the severity of the skin damage. A first degree burn damages only the top layer of skin and heals itself in 1 to 2 days; it is red and painful and might swell a little. A second degree burn is a thicker burn that includes blisters and is painful and swollen; it might heal by itself but need special care. A third degree burn causes damage to all skin layers and does not heal by itself. The skin looks charred and because the burn hurt the nerves it might have no pain. The caused for the burns can be: heat, fire, electricity, chemicals, radiation, or sunlight.

Remedy Home Burns

Cool the burn, but don’t ice it. Shocking your skin by taking it from super hot to super cold isn’t a good idea, so use cool or even slightly warm water since that will lower the temp without going too far.

Keep the burn clean, but don’t scrub it.

Use some milk to soothe your burned skin.* (I knew a milk-soaked cotton ball would relieve irritation from minor scrapes, and reduce redness after a disastrous eyebrow wax, but this was a new use.)

Flow cold running water on the burnt area. You can also compress ice on that place.

To sooth down the pain and burning sensation use cold milk on the burnt area. Cucumber juice also can help a lot.

For avoiding the infection turmeric paste is most beneficial. A cool application of turmeric paste can also keep your skin without any mark.

Rubbing butter or margarine onto the skin that is affected by burns can alleviate the pain from a burn.

Applying egg whites,vanilla or toothpaste to theburn site has been known to alleviate pain from burns.

Common wadding will take the pain from burns or scalds. Simply open a piece of cotton and put on the burned place. If the burn is very bad, put sweet oil on the cotton, pouring it on the outside. Do not attempt to remove the cotton until it comes off itself. Castor oil is very cooling to use in place of sweet oil.

A simple covering of common wheat flour is unequaled for a burn. The moisture produced upon the surface of a burn is at once absorbed by the flour and forms a paste which shuts out the air, and at the same time keeps the covering moist and flexible. If the burn is very bad and the covering becomes dry, it should be washed off carefully, a little at a time, and fresh flour used.

Vitamin E

Another one of the better burn remedies which is very effective is vitamin E. The most common way to apply this is to break open capsules of vitamin E and apply them directly to the burned area. Vitamin E oils and creams can also be used.


Apply calendula gel directly to the burned area as often as necessary to relieve the pain. The gel helps in supporting your skin’s natural moisture layer which has been severely damaged and dried out from the burn.

Applying honey and bandaging or applying yoghurt or egg whites on the burn are effective as soon as a person experiences burns. Onion placed on the burn also is a very good home remedy for burns. Adding coconut oil mixed with aloe Vera or turmeric powder and applying on the burns give a great relief. Fresh piece of pumpkin or potato also serve as great and simple home remedies for burns. Applying butter on the superficial minor burns is effective.



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